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mhVTL & WebUI – Prebuilt VM Download

Recently to ease deployment of VTL resources in lab environments I built a pre-configured VM containing the mhVTL and the WebUI (GUI) with iSCSI support.  I figured I could share that VM here for the community.  The resulting OVA file has been tested successfully with VMware Fusion, Workstation, and Oracle Virtual Box. The VM is based on CentOS… Read More »

*NIX Command Equivalents on Windows

Helpful command equivalents between UNIX/Linux and Windows/DOS. UNIX or Bash Command DOS Command Action ls -l (or use ls -lF)(-a all files) DIR List directory contents df -k (Space remaining on filesystem) ls -tr DIR *.* /o-d List directory contents by reverse time of modification/creation. ls -ls DIR *.* /v /os List files and size ls -R DIR… Read More »

LAMP on CentOS 7

The most common web platform out there is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or LAMP for short.  Below is my quick guide for setting up LAMP on CentOS 7 (or RHEL 7). LAMP Installation For this configuration CentOS was installed with minimal packages (no GUI) and all commands are run with root privileges. Package Install Core components of… Read More »