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Windows Jump Server Application Build

I recently needed to setup a new Windows jump server¹ for accessing and managing servers and clients in a remote environment.  As I started to configure applications on the host I quickly realized I have a default set of applications I use for management tasks.  While this list driven somewhat by need and somewhat by personal preference these… Read More »

*NIX Command Equivalents on Windows

Helpful command equivalents between UNIX/Linux and Windows/DOS. UNIX or Bash Command DOS Command Action ls -l (or use ls -lF)(-a all files) DIR List directory contents df -k (Space remaining on filesystem) ls -tr DIR *.* /o-d List directory contents by reverse time of modification/creation. ls -ls DIR *.* /v /os List files and size ls -R DIR… Read More »

Windows OS Build Number

What service pack, release, or build number are you at?  A question I commonly ask system admins, and it is surprising how many don’t know the answer. Here are the simplest methods of getting the OS build information. GUI winver.exe Command Prompt ver PowerShell PS C:\> [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version Table of Windows Builds Operating System Version Number Windows Server 2016… Read More »