Low Cost Hypervisor for Home Lab

I have been wanting to expand my lab capabilities at home with out adding more noise and keeping equipment footprint to a minimum. Looking around I settled on Gigabyte BRIX as a low power Mini-PC, selecting it over the Intel NUC, MSI Cubi, and Asus VivoPC/Mini due to availability, cost (here in AU) and hardware features including the… Read More »

Make that Rasberry Pi

Later this week I will be receiving a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in the mail and have a few possible projects in mind. Possible projects: Radio SDR Receiver APRS Tracker 40 Meter QRP WRSP/CW/RTTY PSK31 Home NAS Alarm Clock Media Server Development web server I will update with new posts about some of these projects as they… Read More »

LAMP on CentOS 7

The most common web platform out there is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or LAMP for short.  Below is my quick guide for setting up LAMP on CentOS 7 (or RHEL 7). LAMP Installation For this configuration CentOS was installed with minimal packages (no GUI) and all commands are run with root privileges. Package Install Core components of… Read More »

Password Managers

While I have never used 123456, password, or qwerty, the ever growing need for not only complex but independent passwords (unique to account, site, system, etc) keeping track of multiple usernames and passwords in my memory just isn’t possible any more.  I have for some time used password managers to keep usernames, passwords, etc., and have been asked… Read More »